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Psychoanalyst Charles Baudouin

Psychoanalyst Charles Baudouin


Max Warnick

Max Warnick: Contributing Editor

“To be always doubting your ability to get what you long for is like trying to reach east by traveling west.”

The Charles Baudouin self-affirmation technique:

Baudouin was considered to be one of the most Brilliant psychotherapists of his day. He quoted "A very simple way of securing this (impregnation of the subconscious mind) is to condense the idea which is to be the object of suggestion, to sum it up in a brief phrase which can be readily graven on the memory, and to repeat it over and over again as a lullaby."


Specifically identify what you want to have, be, and do in life. Also identify the behavioral traits you would have in order to be your "ideal self." In other words, ideal behavioral traits of a person that seems to naturally draw to them the very things you intend to manifest.


Get a clear idea of your new self, with the new behavioral traits and specific goals already achieved. Then decide what positive emotions you want attached to them.


Create short phrases describing your "new self " with your desires and new behavioral traits already in possession. When creating your phrases, it is imperative that you implant words that trigger the positive emotions you defined previously.


Your affirmations are then self-communicated verbally and emotionally by saying them intensely at least three times a day, as empathetically, convincingly, and faithfully as possible. Critical times are early morning and bedtime. A properly and effectively designed affirmation is as follows "I am an extremely powerful and productive salesperson, in the top 1% of my company, and it feels amazing!" Affirmations are mental tools; you still have to put your two cents in, in the form of action, into achieving what you affirm. You should have as many Techniques and Tools up your sleeve as possible because the Effectiveness of Manifesting Rituals grow exponentially over time with extended use. You are POWERFUL beyond Measure and You already have what it takes to Enhance your Manifesting Abilities!

August 28, 2016 by NARAYAN SHANKAR

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