Our Story – Narayan Zen


We create self-empowering clothing with autosuggestions embeded in design. What is autosuggestion? Well by definition its the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change behavior. Sounds like something you’d hear from a Psychiatrist right? Well guess what; you pretty much do this every day whether you know it or not, and whether you verbalize it or not. Autosuggestion is self-suggestion or affirmations linked to beliefs with expectancy, which penetrate your subconscious mind to carry out and deliver an idea or desire into your experience. Many CEO’s, Athletes, Coaches, Actors, and other leaders channel this empowering technique to program their minds to only expect the results they desire.

Throughout my life I have applied this technique without fully understanding it, but knowing that it is real and effective. During my 3rd semester at Yale University, my economics professor had suggested a book called "The Power of your Subconscious Mind," by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This book was the changing point of my life as it introduced the power of autosuggestion and other tenchniques to influence your subconscious mind by specific instruction. The book also served as a stepping stone for me into the world of spirituatlity and quantum physics. I have then embarked on a mission to understand it well with a lot more books. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 18 years old. It has helped me get through the darkest of places as well as to sustained peaks of success; financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

I’m not going to write about all the problems I’ve faced, the losses of loved ones, the near fatal experiences I’ve encountered because that would sum up to a four hundred page book. We all have our own eye opening experiences and losses. The scale of importance of those experiences is relative to each individual. However all of us share one major concern every day; we are surrounded by negativity. Every day 90% of the 60,000 thoughts that enter our minds are negative. Negative energies magnetize like energies and a whole host of its cousins. We turn on our TV and we’re overwhelmed by the mass shootings, murders, and TV shows highlighting crimes. What about our health? Sugar is on TV more than crime and does more harm to us statistically in terms of absconding health and inviting disease and death. So how do we win? Why do these energies outweigh the attraction of positive experiences? How do we rebound negativity? Too many of us let worries over populate our mind. I speak from my own conviction that what we worry about will happen if we let it nest and penetrate into our inner mind. It is important that we rebound a good percentage of negativity to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

Meditation is an excellent way to zone into the field of positivity without limits. However how many of us actually have time for this? And even when we do, how many of us have successful meditation sessions? A good meditation session takes practice and is developed over time. Church is another great place to turn to and I don’t mean just Sundays. When we walk life with religious principles we begin to steer down a path of love, liberty, and happiness. I will never challenge any religion or its beliefs as prayers are a form of autosuggestion in itself though its most effective with specific knowledge of the stories told in the Bible.

Though born Hindu, I live my life more spiritual than religious. I believe in the law of life, and that our thoughts of yesterday deliver our experiences today. I have read and studied hundreds of books in self-improvement, quantum physics, religion, business, wealth, and biographies of successful businessmen and leaders. The one common denominator of these books was the significance of specific suggestions instructed to the subconscious mind. They all emphasize autosuggestions or affirmations to recite verbally and/or thoughtfully every morning, night and throughout the day.

Years in planning, 500 books later, everything came together to launch Narayan Zen


A few years ago, the idea came to me how I could help so many others by raising this awareness. The idea was to use one of our basic necessities (clothing) as a vehicle to help reprogram our minds and channel positivity, build faith and expect results. I always run into people who struggle coping with 90% of their problems using 10% of their mind power. I had a burning desire to preach to them how I could help them. Finally I decided I would release a line of shirts with messages that would help people in areas of health, wealth, mind, body, and spirit. The autosuggestions are printed in reverse to avoid criticism from non-believers and negative people who would just judge without their own experiences. People always have something to say but not if they couldn’t exactly see what it said. The goal is to repeat the messages over and over via mirror, so it would permeate and penetrate your subconscious mind through repetition, faith and expectancy. They say that your subconscious mind is responsible for your heartbeats, breaking down toxins, digestion, and over 6 trillion processes per second. If this is true then why can’t we trust it to bring all the health, wealth, and desires to us? If you are headed down an aimless path or a path lacking in health, wealth and or beliefs, the clothing on this site will help reprogram your mind to a positive state and live life through this discipline of channeled positivity and expectation.

I was well versed and memorized over 200 autosuggestions and began to write my own. The knowledge from the books taught me how to live by giving. The secret to living is giving. In the last 20 years, I have built and sold 3 businesses in different industries, partnered and coached my friends who were business owners that have all been very successful. Helping my friends and others with the knowledge I developed was fulfilling to me. I never felt more complete about myself. The universe over-delivered to me what I needed and wanted in divine order. In the bible it says if you ask, believing you shall receive. Then why do so many people forget to ask? The answer is quite simple; they simply forget. Autosuggestion is a form of asking.

I've extrapolated bits and pieces from my favored authors and created powerful autosuggestions that can, if applied, positively impact lives. You would just need to read the messages embedded by design on the shirts, believe unconditionally that what you want will be yours, and it will show up in your experience. The shirts would be a daily or weekly reminder to ask, believe and receive. When you wear the shirts, you sustain a level of attention of the message and radiate positivity. When you radiate positivity, you attract positive experiences. I launched this site Narayan Zen with products that can do its part in attracting positivity to our customers' experience. We now have orders from over 180 countries worldwide.


VISION STATEMENT: To build a global brand of self-empowerment clothing receognized to help radiate positivity and rebound negativity.

MISSION STATEMENT: To earn an honest profit from the manufacturing and sale of high quality apparel with life impacting typographical designs.